Top 10 Startups in Austria

What are the best startup companies in Austria? Check out this post to get the list and details about startup companies. Read Here!

Top 10 Startups in Austria

Austria offers a favorable environment for startup companies. The number of startup companies in Austria has increased two times more, thanks to the growing business spirit and startup-friendly policies by the government. Today’s article will list the top ten startup companies in Austria. Read on!

1.    Fretello

Fretello is a tech startup in Austria, offering a cutting-edge platform allowing music lovers to learn to play the guitar. The app developed by Fretello has numerous innovative features, enabling users to quickly learn the guitar using a wide range of music tracks and songs. The app combines the experience of educational experts, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to ensure users improve their learning process.

2. Neoom Group

Neoom Group is one of the best startup companies in Austria, offering battery storage solutions at the most affordable prices. The company aims to develop safe, efficient, functional, and economical battery storage devices. Currently, the company employs more than 151 members. It has raised more than 15.3 million euros with ten investors.

3. Blockpit GmbH

Blockpit GmbH is a blockchain fintech company in Austria, offering unique services to businesses in the financial, cryptocurrency, and accounting industries. Blockpit GmbH has developed a cutting “software as a service (SaaS)” technology that allows companies to track and analyze digital assets.

4. HI. Health

Hi. Health provides its clients with online applications and websites to safely access medical bills. The company offers its services to hundreds of thousands of people in Austria and has raised more than one million dollars with seven investors, making it one of the best startups.

5. Knoyd

Knoyd aims to bridge the gap between individuals and businesses in the data science industry. For instance, if you are in Austria and looking for a job within the data science or data analytics sector, you can use this platform to leverage several employment opportunities. At the same time, this platform ensures businesses develop state-of-the-art data science solutions for their problems.

6. Metriox

Metriox is a startup in Austria that focuses on making the world greener and more sustainable. The company also offers services in various industries, including green technology, big data, software, public transport, and fleet management.

7. Green Pass

Green Pass is a “Software as a Service (SaaS)” platform that provides services to architecture and technology industries. The company provides planning and strategies for urban areas to ensure they are more sustainable and eco-friendlier.


JENTIS is one of the most popular startups in Austria, providing cloud data, big data, analytics, digital marketing, reputation management, and business intelligence services. JENTIS has designed an innovative server-side data tracking platform, allowing businesses to use various data analytics, protection, and storage solutions. JENTIS is a reliable service for companies looking to overcome data challenges in Austria.

9. Ready2order

Ready2order offers small and medium businesses a point of sale or POS system. The system ensures a small enterprise overcomes the administrative overhead. It is an innovative software for restaurants, eateries, and food companies to control their finances, maintain stability, and streamline their business processes.

10. Finabro

Finabro offers financial services to companies in the fintech industry. It has developed a platform for businesses to invest and save money. Companies can use this platform to customize customer investment options based on their requirements. Thus, customers can find the best investment opportunities and make their most, leading to higher returns on investments (ROIs).

Final Words

Like other European countries, Austria is not behind in developing a sophisticated business ecosystem. The government has developed business-friendly policies, allowing people opportunities to start and run successful companies. Until Next Time!