Best Cities to Live in Europe

Best Cities to Live in Europe

Do you want to live in Europe but can’t decide which city to choose – don’t worry, check out this article for the best cities to live in Europe!

Best Cities to Live in Europe

Everyone wants to live in Europe because this continent offers something to everyone. It is one of the most beautiful continents in the world with advanced and developed countries, offering safe, attractive, culturally rich, and opportunities-filled cities. Here are the best cities to live in this beautiful continent. Read on!


Cosmopolitan, open to the world and many international organizations and companies, Brussels has a vibrant artistic heart and a prestigious and unique cultural scene. It is a predominantly French-speaking city and is the capital of Europe because the city has the headquarters of the European Union.

Brussels is ideal for expats with children, thanks to its many international schools. It is also a good choice for digital nomads. The Belgian capital offers relatively reasonably priced rentals compared to Paris or London.

English is widely spoken in Brussels, sometimes more than French or Dutch. The Saint-Gilles municipality is a perfect choice for job seekers looking for variety, culture, and nightlife.

For immigrants from different countries, working in international organizations and moving to Belgium with their families, the cities of Watermael Boitsfort, Uccle, and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre are suitable.


Germany has something to offer for all types of immigrants, retirees, young workers, young parents, solo travelers, both high and low skilled. Cosmopolitan and open, Berlin is one of the most affordable capitals thanks to its controlled rent. It is lower than the rent for apartments in London, Paris, and other cities.

Strongly influenced by artists from all over the world who benefit from creative space, exhibitions, and great freedom of action, Berlin is a city that combines culture, quality of life, safety, and tolerance.

Moreover, it is ideal for digital nomads or managers who want to work in large companies. Berlin is also suitable for those who want to start their own business. It is worth learning the basics of the German language, especially if you will run your own business.

Berlin has hundreds of international educational institutions and job opportunities in many fields. The airport offers flights to major airports in Europe every day. In addition, every fifth person in Berlin speaks better English than German, making it one of the best cities in Europe to live and work in Europe.


Malaga is associated only with the sun and beaches, but this city is about something else. Malaga has the highest concentration of historical buildings, including museums and churches, per square kilometer in Europe.

It offers a high quality of life, security, rich cultural life, and sunshine almost all year round. Malaga is suitable for families, single digital nomads, and retirees who want an active and culturally rich life in their old age.

Many couples and families settle in Malaga for the pleasant, warm weather, safe environment, fresh cuisine, rich culture, and the most mesmerizing Andalusian festivals. Unlike many other cities in Europe, Malaga is an affordable town in southern Spain because the cost of living is comparatively cheaper than Paris, London, and Amsterdam.


Switzerland is ideal for skilled expats seeking peace, security, and a well-paid job. Many technologies, banking, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Novartis, Bayer, and Colgate offer highly paid jobs for highly skilled professionals.

Basel is a popular destination for expats and is renowned for its quality of life. Living in Basel can indeed be expensive, but the salaries are very high. If you are a digital nomad, you can also contract companies locally or start and set up your own business. Basel is likewise a picturesque and clean city.


Vienna is recognized as one of the cities with the best quality of life in Europe and one of the lowest crime rates. It is the best place for everyone who wants to settle in Europe. Vienna is an ideal choice for quality of life, security, stability, affordability, culture, access to healthcare, and international schools for children.

Immigrants usually live in one place for an average of five years, but those who live in Austria tend to stay there for life, enticed by the quality of accommodation. Culturally, Austria has influenced Europe and the world in the past, and its artistic and cultural influence continues today.

Moreover, Vienna offers jobs in various high-level sectors such as international companies, banks, and universities. Vienna is ideal for digital nomads or those who want to open a business, microbreweries, massage parlor, flower shop, or bookstore.

Final Words

These European cities are the best if you want to access high salaries, affordable living, national healthcare plans, world-class education for children, and business opportunities. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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