Spain has some of the world's best startup companies. Check out this post to learn about the top ten Spanish startups. Read Here!

Top 10 Startups in Spain

Spain has some of the world’s best startup companies. Check out this post to learn about the top ten Spanish startups. Read Here!

Top 10 Startups in Spain

Spain is famous for its vibrant, energetic, picturesque environment and friendly people. However, this southwestern European country also has a robust ecosystem for startups and small businesses, thanks to the government’s business-friendly policies. Today’s article will list the top ten startups in Spain. Read on!

1. Pibisi

Pibisi is a startup company in Spain that offers legal technology, software, and fintech services. The company provides automated “Know Your Customer” or KYC services for giant corporations and regulated companies.

Many businesses leverage the platform by using person and behavior analytics. At the same time, Pibisi has a team of professionals that offers API documentation for software development companies.

2. Multiverse Computing

Multiverse Computing offers software programming services and quantum computing for various industries, including the financial sector. The company uses innovative algorithms to resolve the finance industry’s issues and ensure improved business performance. Although Multiverse Computing is relatively a new startup, it has quickly gained popularity for its outstanding services.

3. CodeOp

CodeOp offers unique services, teaching and training women, nonbinary people, and transgender people to learn technology skills and increase their income. The purpose is to improve their self-confidence and equip them with resources to boost their financial stability. The company offers multiple courses, including data science, software development, and product management.

4. X1 Wind

X1 Wind is one of the best Spanish startups based in Barcelona. Although X1 Wind has been operating since 2017, it has quickly gained popularity for its innovative services. The company designs and develops floating platforms using water wind power to generate electricity. The purpose is to maintain eco-friendliness in the world and make it a sustainable place.

5. Main Rail

Main Rail is another best company in Spain, offering its customers’ infrastructure maintenance solutions. The startup provides businesses with IT-based services and combines technology with over 25 years of railway experience to streamline the entire process.


SMEBOOK is a Spanish startup that provides businesses with a unique platform to connect with their employees. The purpose is to optimize the information sharing process, allowing tech companies to share resources and data without problems.

7. Student Success

Student Success is a unique startup that helps directors and teachers to work more efficiently and quickly. The company helps schools and colleges by providing them with valuable data on student behavior. The digital platform allows schools to track progress by centralizing data and generating insights.

8. Pam Learning

Pam Learning is another startup developed for students. The primary objective of this digital platform is to help students perform better in examinations. Pam Learning has an extensive database of learning videos and exercises, allowing students to leverage resources that help them improve their knowledge.

9. Play Visit

Play Visit is one of the most popular software service platforms that focuses on location-based technologies and cutting-edge gamification features to streamline the traveling process and help people explore different places. Play Visit is the epitome of self-guided tours using augmented reality to turn a destination or city into intuitive and engaging play.

10. Cobee

Cobee is a Spanish technology startup working in software and finance. The company allows businesses to leverage various tech resources and perform better management using data-driven approaches. The primary goal is to present cost-effective, efficient, and ROI-based solutions.

Final Words

Like other European countries, Spain has become a competitive place for startup owners and small businesses, allowing them to sell unique products and maintain financial stability. Until Next Time!

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