Top 10 Startups in Italy

Do you want to know about the best startup companies in Italy? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Here is the list of top ten startups!

Best 10 Startups in Italy

Although Italy is famous for its picturesque sceneries, historical buildings, and vacations, the country has a state-of-the-art startup ecosystem with hundreds of growing companies. Italy has a favorable economy, thanks to its business-friendly policies and industrial development. Here are the top ten startups in Italy. Read on!

1. Fresco Frigo

Fresco Frigo is the best startup company in Italy, offering intelligent vending machines, allowing businesses to sell fresh food on the go. The startup provides refrigerator solutions for individuals and companies to stock healthy and fresh food products. The company launched a new condo supermarket service during the Covid-19 pandemic to serve customers in numerous apartment complexes.

2. Young Platform

Young Platform is one of the fastest-growing startups in Italy, offering cryptocurrency exchange services. These services allow customers to trade fiat money with cryptocurrencies. The company’s target audience is young individuals, and it aims to optimize cryptocurrency access to people worldwide. Young Platform has generated more than 3.5 million euros in funding.

3. Patch Ai

Patch Ai is an innovative startup that offers digital Healthtech services. It has developed a cutting-edge app that supports and assists patients in completing various tasks, such as clinical events, data collection, and analysis.

Patch Ai is a web platform that benefits health professionals, clinicians, sponsors, and others in monitoring and analyzing data. The purpose is to improve the patient experience. The best thing about the app is that it allows for real-time data analysis. The company raised 1.7 million euros in funding during the pandemic.

4. Core View

Core View is an Italian startup operating since 2014. It offers a SaaS service, allowing customers to manage various software applications, including Office 365. Core View aims to improve security, streamline reporting processes, and enhance operational efficiencies for businesses. The company has raised more than 30 million dollars in funding.

5. Mati Pay

Mati Pay is a relatively new company, but it has transformed the startup industry, offering cutting-edge services, including vending machine transformation into a smart device using the internet of things (IoT). Mati Pay has an innovative payment system that connects a company’s vending machine to the smartphone app and allows for a more streamlined virtual wallet service. You can also connect it to PayPal, credit cards, and cash dispensers.

6. Neosurance

Neosurance, founded in 2016, is a growing InsurTech company in Italy, offering insurance companies a cloud and SaaS platform to collect data and generate valuable insights on potential clients. In addition, Neosurance can build profiles for potential customers and ensure businesses achieve higher sales conversions.

7. Back to Work

Back to Work is another startup company in Italy that has quickly gained popularity in recent years. It is an equity-based crowdfunding platform for small-medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, and real-estate businesses. The company also offers management services for marketing and advertising campaigns.

8. Sweet Guest

Sweet Guest offers short-term and medium-term rental services to property owners. It is a Prop-tech startup that enables people to earn more on selling or renting their properties. At the same time, Sweet Guest facilitates property seekers to find the best place for short-term and medium-term stays.

9. Freeda Media

Freeda Media, founded in 2017, is a media startup that focuses on female individuals of the millennial and generation Z. The startup aims to promote women’s rights and equality and inspiration by publishing success stories of female individuals from all backgrounds.

10. Yolo Insurance

Last but not least, Yolo Insurance is another InsurTech startup in Italy that offers state-of-the-art micro-insurance and on-demand services. People can use Yolo Insurance’s platform to purchase micro-insurance products in real-time. The best thing is that you will use the service based on pay-per-use. It also offers insurance for bikes, pets, and appliances.

Final Words

The Italian government has made substantial efforts to create a favorable environment for entrepreneurs and startup companies. The business-friendly policies have paved a path for business-minded people to run successful companies.

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