Top 10 places to visit in Portugal

Top 10 places to visit in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most beautiful, safest, and most affordable countries to visit in Europe. Here are the top ten places to explore. Read here!

Places to visit in Portugal

Portugal has a rich history and culture, a warm temperate climate, first-class service, and low crime. Ancient cities and magnificent medieval fortresses, well-maintained, clean beaches and well-developed infrastructure, numerous resorts, and chic local cuisine make holidays in this country enjoyable and engaging. Here are the top ten places to visit in Portugal. Read on!

1. Belem Tower

Standing on the island of the Tejo River, the tower is one of the symbols of Lisbon. It was built in the first thirty years of the 16th century, in remembrance of Vasco da Gama’s discovery of the sea route to India, and was alternately used as a fortress, gunpowder store, prison, and customs. Today, the tower is open to tourists.

2. Azores

The Azores offers silence and tranquility on nine islands located in the center of the Atlantic. There is no developed infrastructure, but plenty of whales, dolphins, and corals are there.

People who love beach holidays, eco-tourism, diving, and fishing go to the Azores archipelago. Healing hot spring beat in the sulfur caves, and Pico Island has a volcano that attracts thousands of tourists.

3. Aveiro

Aveiro is also known as the Portuguese Venice, which attracts many people for its picturesque attractions. The river passing through the town with colorful seaweed boats floating on it gives Aveira an indescribable charm.

Local attractions date back to the Middle Ages. The city center consists of houses built in the Art Nouveau style. If you want to create vacation memories, head to Aveiro in Portugal.

4. Vasco da Gama Bridge

Vasco De Gama is the longest bridge in Europe that opened in 1998. It has a cable-stayed structure that stretches across the Tagus River for more than seventeen kilometers. The bridge consists of seven sections and six-car lanes. Many people visit this place to enjoy the scenic beauty of surrounding areas.

5. Douro Valley

The wine region of Portugal is the birthplace of port wine, which gained worldwide fame in the 18th century. Wine has been made in this area for the past two thousand years: grape seeds in the soil and production dating back to the 3rd and 4th centuries.

Today, light (Bordeaux) and fortified (Burgundy) drinks are produced in the Douro Valley. It is a perfect place for those who want to taste some of the finest wines in Europe. Douro Valley is an ideal place to relax and unwind.

6. Palace of Pena

The “Medieval” Pena Palace, located above the city of Sitra, is a beautiful place to visit in Portugal. It was built in the 19th century in the then-popular Romantic style, replicating ancient architecture. In addition, the park around the palace contains plants from different parts of the world: North American sequoia, Australian ferns, and Mediterranean cypress.

7. Madeira

Located on the western side of Africa, the Madeira island in Portugal is famous worldwide for its clean air and balneological centers. There are practically no beaches in Madeira. You can use the special ladders to access the ocean. The main island entertainments are windsurfing, diving, golf, tennis, horseback riding, hunting for tuna and tiny sharks.

8. Vila Baleira

The tiny island of the Madeira archipelago is an ideal place for relaxation, surrounded by golden beaches, emerald greenery, and turquoise water. Despite its small size, Porto Santo and Vila Baleria can offer tourists a well-developed infrastructure and a lot of entertainment, from a sightseeing tour of the island to diving, surfing, and jet skiing.

9. Monte Palace Madeira

The tropical garden laid out on the island of Madeira around the Monte Palace consists of two artificial lakes and a vast number of local and exotic plants brought from around the world.

The garden’s territory is decorated with numerous sculptures and square stones, lanterns, and Buddha statues. On the paths of Monte, you can meet handsome peacocks and fighting Indonesian roosters.

10. Marinha Beach

Located near the town of Cervero, the beach is distinguished by both exquisite beauty and steepness, unsuitable for older holidaymakers and families with small children.

Everyone else can descend the long, steep stairs to Praia da Marina, marvel at the water’s changing colors, and explore the local coves, caverns, and caves. It is a perfect place for adults to unwind, relax, and enjoy.

Final Words

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Southwest Europe. It boasts natural beauty, world-class infrastructure, historic buildings, pleasant climate, friendly people, scenic beaches, and much more. Until Next Time!

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