Top 10 Tips for New International Students in Germany

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Germany is a great place to be an international student. The country is known for its top-notch universities, diverse culture, and welcoming people. If you’re new to Germany, or if you’re getting ready to start your studies here, check out our top 10 tips for making the most of your time in this fantastic country!

Top 10 Advice for Foreign Students in Germany

There’s a lot to learn when you come to Germany as an international student – and it’s important to be aware of what you should and not do in order to make the most out of your experience. Here are our top 10 tips for foreign students in Germany:

  • Punctuality
  • Find German Roommates
  • Learn German
  • Embrace the Culture
  • Be Respectful of Local Customs and Traditions
  • Take Advantage of Student Discounts
  • Stay in Touch with Home
  • Explore Germany
  • Network with Other Students
  • Be Open-Minded and Adaptable


Punctuality is key in Germany. Germans expect you to arrive on time for a class or an appointment. This respect for punctuality is reflected in most aspects of life – from trains that leave and arrive exactly on schedule to business meetings where being even one minute late can be seen as rude. So take note and make sure to plan accordingly!

Find German Roommates

If you plan on living off-campus, finding German roommates can be a great idea. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about German culture and language, as well as make local friends. Plus, in most cities, finding an affordable place to live can be difficult – so having a roommate from Germany can help take some of the financial burdens off. Also, you may want to look into student housing options, as they are usually quite reasonably priced.

Learn German

Whether you plan to stay in Germany for a few months or several years, it’s worth learning German. Not only will this make daily life easier – you’ll be able to navigate public transportation and communicate with locals more efficiently – but it will also open up new opportunities for you during your studies. Many universities offer free language classes for international students, so check if yours does too!

Embrace the Culture

Germany is a fascinating country with plenty of history, art and culture to explore. Take advantage of your stay by visiting museums and galleries, attending cultural events like festivals or concerts, and trying out regional cuisine. This is the best way to learn more about the country and its people – and you may even make some new friends along the way! It’s a great way to make the most out of your experience as an international student.

Be Respectful of Local Customs and Traditions

It’s important to be aware of German customs and any local traditions or beliefs practised in specific areas. For example, many Germans take their shoes off when entering someone’s home, so it’s polite to be mindful of this when visiting someone. Additionally, public displays of affection may be considered inappropriate in certain contexts. Be sure to familiarize yourself with local customs before you visit a new place.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Germany has plenty of student discounts that are available to international students. From discounted public transportation fares to reduced admission fees at museums, there’s something for everyone! So don’t forget to bring your student ID with you wherever you go – it could save you some money in the long run. It’s also good to know that many shops and restaurants offer discounts for students, so be sure to ask about those too.

Stay in Touch with Home

Moving abroad can be a difficult transition, so make sure to stay in touch with your family and friends back home. This can help relieve homesickness and keep you from feeling isolated during this new chapter of your life. Plus, it’s always nice to have someone familiar to talk to about all the exciting things happening in Germany! Furthermore, you can use various online platforms, such as Skype or Zoom, to stay connected.

Explore Germany

Germany is an amazing country with plenty of natural beauty and fascinating cities to explore. There’s always something to do and see, from the Bavarian Alps to the Rhine River. So plan some trips over the weekends or during your free time – it’ll be a great chance to take in all that Germany has to offer! Also, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures – you’ll want to remember this experience for years to come!

Network with Other Students

Networking is an important part of any student experience abroad. Make sure to reach out and meet other students from different countries and backgrounds – this will not only enrich your studies but also give you the opportunity to make lasting connections with people from around the world. It’s never too early to start building your global network! Also, don’t forget to join student clubs or organizations that are related to your field of study. These activities will help you stay connected and engaged during your studies in Germany.

Be Open-Minded and Adaptable

Moving abroad can be challenging, so it’s important to stay open-minded throughout your journey in Germany. Being flexible and adapting to a new culture will make the transition easier. Plus, it’ll ensure that you get the most out of your experience by immersing yourself in all that Germany has to offer! Moreover, being open-minded can help you make new friends, build cross-cultural relationships, and gain valuable experiences that will serve you well in the future.

Living abroad can be an incredibly rewarding experience – remember to take advantage of all that Germany has to offer during your stay. From mastering the language to exploring local customs and traditions, there’s something for everyone. So don’t forget to have fun, keep learning, and make the most of your time abroad!

Bottom Line

Germany can be a great place to study abroad, but it is important to be prepared before you go. Use these tips to help you transition into life as a student in Germany, and you will be sure to have a successful experience!