Most in-demand Tech jobs in Italy

You don’t have to be a programmer or computer geek to break into Italy’s tech industry – there are plenty of opportunities available for all sorts of technology professionals. In this post, we’ll explore the most in-demand tech jobs in Italy and discuss what each one entails. From web and software developers to IT architects, system analysts and more – there is an exciting array of high-paying positions that are currently opening up across the country.

So whether you’re looking for career growth or want a job change with your skillset already intact – read on to learn about some of the best roles in this ever-changing Italian landscape! Italy has focused more on the IT industry for the last ten years, and these are the most in-demand tech jobs in the country. Read Details Here!

Most in-demand Tech jobs in Italy

Italy is one of the most favourable places for foreigners to find a tech job or start an IT company. The country’s IT-friendly policies have led to the development of technology companies and corporations.

However, it is crucial to know about Italy’s most in-demand tech jobs before moving to the country and starting your career. Today’s article will give you the list. Read on!

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architects help businesses to create efficient models and manage complex data and information. These professionals collaborate with IT system designers and software developers to create state-of-the-art applications with improved business analysis and process modelling.

Research shows that enterprise architecture is one of Italy’s most in-demand and fastest-growing jobs. The country will need 26% of enterprise architects by 2025 to fill the gap. The average yearly salary of an enterprise architect in Italy is between $100,000 and $145,000.

Moreover, enterprise architects in Italy must know the strategy, business process and operations of an organisation. You should also have experience in project management and data modelling. It is an ideal job for those with a degree in software engineering or computer science. You can also apply with a certification in enterprise architecture.

Full Stack Engineer

A full-stack engineer is an IT expert with experience in web, application, and software development. These are technical experts with programming languages and front-end and back-end development skills.

Companies in Italy have a higher demand for full-stack engineers to streamline their business processes and stay competitive in the market via premium-quality and tailored software solutions.

Because of full-stack engineers’ extensive knowledge and flexibility, these professionals are in high demand across the technology industry in Italy. There are hundreds of positions open throughout the month in Italy. So, it is 100% safe to say that these professionals are popular. The average salary of a full-stack engineer is between $100,000 and $130,000.

It is essential to have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and excellent programming knowledge. Also, experience with different tools of software development, such as Node.js, React, and JavaScript, is mandatory. It is an ideal job for those with a passion for technology and software development. Moreover, full-stack engineers must have analytical and problem-solving skills.

Data Scientist

Data scientists have expertise in collecting and analyzing massive volumes of data to generate meaningful information and develop a hypothesis, market trends, customer strategies, and business processes.

Data scientists’ jobs are the fastest growing in Italy; since 2012, these roles have increased by over 600%. Research shows that people with data science and analytics skills will have a 27.9% more likelihood of employment. The average salary of a data scientist in Italy is between $100,000 and $130,000.

It is essential to have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, or Statistics and experience with Python, R programming language, SQL, Tableau, and Apache Hadoop. You also need to have experience in data analysis, visualisation, and problem-solving. It is an ideal job for those who have a passion for data and analytics.


Most in-demand Tech jobs in Italy

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers play a critical role in developing processes, applications, tools, and methodologies, balancing the software development lifecycle and streamlining the coding process, application updates, and maintenance strategies.

Besides, the demand for DevOps engineers has experienced a rapid spike over the last five years in Italy, with numerous companies looking for skilled professionals to streamline their IT-related operations.

Therefore, DevOps engineers are in high demand in this southern European country. The average salary of a DevOps engineer in Italy is between $90,000 and $150,000.

It is essential to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or any other related field. Also, you need to have knowledge of system administration, scripting and coding languages such as Python, Linux, and Bash. Experience with AWS and Azure is also essential. Moreover, those with an understanding of DevOps tools such as Kubernetes and Docker will have a better chance of securing this job. It is an ideal job for those with a passion for automation and software engineering.

Strategy Manager

A strategy manager reviews a business and determines its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and operational efficiencies. These IT professionals recommend innovative IT strategies based on external and internal factors to mitigate risks and formulate effective plans to achieve long-term success.

A strategy manager brings together all business teams, including partners, stakeholders, supply chain groups, financial departments, IT departments, and human resources, and ensures all of them move in a unified direction. The average salary of a strategy manager in Italy is between $100,000 and $140,000 in Italy.

You need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and experience with policy development, financial planning, team management, problem-solving, and business analysis. Additionally, you need to have knowledge of basic IT concepts and data analytics skills. You also need to be creative, highly analytical and possess excellent communication skills. It is an ideal job for those with a passion for problem-solving and innovation.

Does Italy Hire Foreigners?

Yes, Italy does hire foreign professionals in the IT industry. If you have the right skills and experience, you can apply for jobs in Italy. The only condition is that you must have a valid work visa. Companies in Italy are always looking for skilled individuals who can fill their IT roles and help them stay competitive.

Therefore, there are many job opportunities for international professionals looking to work in Italy. However, the competition is high due to the limited availability of IT roles in Italy, so you must stand out from the crowd to get a job. Additionally, the cost of living and taxes can be high in Italy, so it’s important to consider these factors before applying for a job.

Final Words

There is no denying that the demand for IT professionals in Italy is increasing. As such, a variety of positions are open in the country to accommodate the growing need for IT professionals.

It is essential to have the right qualifications and knowledge to land a job in Italy. With proper research, dedication, and enthusiasm, you can land a high-paying job in Italy. It is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the IT industry and continuously upgrade your skill set to increase your chances of getting hired.

Although people consider Italy a vacation destination, the country has boomed its IT sector, thanks to its business-friendly laws and policies. So this allows IT professionals, to apply for different jobs and achieve better income, create wealth, enjoy a work-life balance, and other privileges. Until Next Time!