Top 10 Startups in Belgium

Is Belgian a reliable country for running a startup? What are the best startups companies in Belgium for inspiration? Read this article to get the list!

Top 10 Startups in Belgium

The Belgian startup sector has grown in recent years, thanks to the smaller population than other European countries and the lower impact felt by the business sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, Belgian offers a favorable business environment for startups, small-medium enterprises, and giant corporations. Today’s article will list the top ten startups in Belgium. Read on!

1. Zorgi

Zorgi, founded in 2020, is one of the best startups and the most profitable business in Belgium. The startup provides services to the technological industry. Some of the company’s best services are cloud infrastructure, business intelligence, software, and artificial intelligence. Zorgi also offers technical assistance to the healthcare industry.

2. Piximate

Piximate, founded in 2016, is a Belgian startup providing businesses computer vision and artificial intelligence services. The platforms or apps developed by Piximate extract valuable information from images and videos using the business’s own APIs. It involves connecting an e-commerce website and camera to the Piximate online platform. The retail sector best employs Piximate.

3. Stellar Labs

Stellar Labs is a Belgian startup that focuses on developing innovative educational solutions for corporations. It offers corporate services to improve employees’ skills, overcome organizational challenges, and increase productivity to boost the business’s overall bottom line. Companies that use Stellar Labs’ services gain a competitive advantage in the market by increasing team efficiency.

4. Paleo

Paleo is an ag-tech company and food processing service, providing the healthiest meat and fish experiences sustainably and more healthily. The company uses the process of fermentation to produce fish and meat proteins. However, they add these proteins to plant-based or vegetarian products. The purpose is to reduce animal suffering, enhance the ecosystem, and improve consumers’ wellbeing.

5. Pattern Bots

Pattern bots, founded in 2020, has quickly gained popularity within two years because it offers cutting-edge, reliable, and cost-effective technology services to businesses looking to develop applications, cloud systems, IT outsourcing platforms, CIO project consultation, and SAP consultancy.

6. Invest Suite

Invest Suite is a Belgian startup that offers services to companies in the financial industry, allowing them to streamline their asset management and related operations. Invest Suite provides its clients with numerous products, including wealth management strategies, to optimize financial stability. The service is optimal for banks, brokers, and wealth managers worldwide.

7. Greenomy

Greenomy offers a sophisticated and sustainable economic or financial service. The primary goal of this company is to provide support, resources, and IT tools to companies in the financial, software, legal tech, and Greentech industries. It offers tailored solutions, including software applications, to collect, analyze, and generate data-driven results for companies looking to bring sustainability to their organizations.

8. Edgard and Cooper

Edgard and Cooper is another Belgian startup founded in 2014. The company offers healthier, sustainable, and animal-friendly services to pet owners, leading to improved dog and cat health. Edgard and Cooper also make the most nutritious food products for cats, dogs, and other pets using natural ingredients with higher levels of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, fiber, and minerals.

9. Citizen Lab

Citizen Lab is one of the best startups in Belgian. Although the company started its operations in 2015, it has quickly gained popularity and raised millions of euros in funds, thanks to its services that help the government, public sector, and private companies on policy development, polling, regional issues, and local problems, and socioeconomic development.

10. Cowboy

Cowboy is a Belgian startup founded in 2017. The company, based in Brussels, has made substantial efforts to design, develop, and manufacture e-bikes. The primary objective of this company is to streamline transportation and make it more accessible, affordable, and convenient for consumers.

Final Words

Belgium is one of the most reliable and business-friendly places for startups, thanks to the robust entrepreneurial culture in bigger cities, including Brussels. So, if you want to start a business in Belgium, make sure you do your research, find a niche, develop a business idea, and apply for loans. The Belgian government has created a more dependable and trustworthy platform for people looking to start and run successful startups.