What are the top ten tech companies in Belgium? What unique factors make them unique and profitable? Read this article to get the details!

Top 10 tech companies in Belgium

What are the top ten tech companies in Belgium? What unique factors make them unique and profitable? Read this article to get the details!

Top 10 tech companies in Belgium

Belgium is one of Europe’s most popular and trending information technology hubs, offering extensive services to businesses and allowing them to thrive in the market. The country’s tech industry has successfully stayed competitive in the European market, and the government offers favorable environments for entrepreneurs to start and run profitable companies. Here are the top ten tech companies in Belgium for inspiration. Read on!

1. Smart Smith Infotech

Smart Smith Infotech is a well-establishment website and software development company in Belgium. However, the company also has offices in India, providing innovative and affordable development services.

Smart Smith Infotech offers the best solutions if a business needs to develop a customer management system, web, and mobile integrations, or cloud-based storage solutions.

2. Works Delight

Works Delight is one of the leading web, software, and mobile development companies in Belgium, offering consultation services and implementation strategies to help businesses succeed. The company has a team of experienced web and mobile app developers with a successful track record and extensive knowledge of modern technologies.

3. Cactus Soft

Cactus Soft is a web design and software development company in Belgium, offering processional and state-of-the-art digital solutions to clients worldwide. The best thing about Cactus Soft is that it provides tailored solutions and strategies to businesses, allowing them to achieve their technology goals.

4. Megabyte

As the name indicates, Megabyte is a professional company that offers information and communication technology services worldwide. It provides hardware and software solutions for small and medium businesses and has more than 25 years of experience in the IT sector. It aims to help clients achieve stability in their business operations.

5. Neo Facto

Neo Facto has a team of experienced consultants and engineers that provides premium-quality and cutting-edge technology services to businesses in various industries. The company has more clients in Luxembourg, France, and Germany, offering innovative strategies to improve business processes.

6. Step Insight

Step Insight is a tech company that works with small-medium enterprises and global corporations, providing them with end-to-end solutions and tailored web, mobile, software, and cloud solutions. It also includes data engineering and GIS application development services.

7. Kanga Coders

Kanga Coders is one of the best tech companies in Belgium, providing cutting-edge technology services to businesses and allowing them to match their products with the market and customers’ needs and achieve a better product-market fit. From planning and analysis to design and development, Kanga Coders offers client-oriented services to ensure businesses achieve their goals.


EASI is one of the most trusted and professional IT companies in Belgium, with hundreds of businesses as clients in Belgium and other European countries. It pragmatically offers B2B management applications, IT infrastructure solutions, and cloud security services. The purpose is to help its clients the desired results.


The Banyan Solutions Consulting Group, also known as TBSCG, has been operating in the IT sector for more than 18 years. It offers professional services to companies looking to develop and implement communication technologies and cloud-based messaging solutions to increase productivity and generate higher ROIs.

10. Code-On

Code-On is a full-service web design, development, and software implementation company offering tailor-made digital products to B2B and B2C businesses. The company has a team of professionals with years of experience in React, Vue, Pi, and other programming languages. It primarily focuses on eCommerce, SaaS projects, and booking engine services.

Final Words

IT or tech companies in Belgium have favorable environments to work in, allowing them to increase their revenues and scale their operations to other countries. Although the country has hundreds of small and large IT companies, these ten best enterprises offer matchless and unique services. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.