Best Bike Tour Companies in Europe

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Best Tour Companies in Europe

There are a lot of great bike tour companies in Europe, but which one is the best for you? Depending on your budget and what type of cycling experience you’re looking for, there’s a company out there that’s perfect for you. Here are some of our favourite bike tour companies in Europe!

Best Bike Tour Companies in Europe

There are a few big players in the bike tour industry, and they are all worth considering. Some of the most popular companies include:

  • Adventure Travel Group
  • Bicycle Adventure Club
  • Deluxe Cycle Tours
  • Backroads
  • Cycle Greece
  • Blue Marble
  • Cycle Tours Catalonia
  • Bike & the Like
  • Ciclismo Classico
  • Butterfield

Adventure Travel Group

Adventure Travel Group specializes in multi-sport tours, combining cycling with other activities like kayaking and hiking. They offer a variety of routes throughout Europe, from short day trips to more ambitious weeks-long adventures.

Bicycle Adventure Club

The Bicycle Adventure Club is all about exploration on two wheels! Their curated packages range from leisurely rides through the vineyards of Tuscany to challenging mountain passes in Switzerland. Some of their most popular destinations include Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Germany.

Deluxe Cycle Tours

Deluxe Cycle Tours offers small group guided bike tours that take riders off the beaten path. Their focus is on discovering hidden gems and unique experiences along the way – think cosy agriturismos and little-known towns – while still delivering an experience that’s within reach of all skill levels.


Backroads is one of the world’s leading active travel companies, with dozens of European itineraries. Their biking tours are renowned for their attention to detail, excellent route planning, and great support staff. They also offer self-guided trips if you want to explore at your own pace. It’s easy to customize their trips, too.

Cycle Greece

Cycle Greece offers a range of cycling adventures throughout the Greek countryside – from traditional villages to ancient monuments, spectacular landscapes and culinary delights! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing ride or more challenging terrain, Cycle Greece has something for everyone. Moreover, their tours are all led by experienced guides and support staff.

Blue Marble

Blue Marble offers guided or self-guided bike tours in some of its most unique destinations for those who want to get off the beaten path and explore the cultural side of Europe. From Denmark to Croatia, Spain to Romania – this is a great way to experience something special while seeing some incredible sights. It’s a great way to get away and explore the unknown!

Cycle Tours Catalonia

Cycle Tours Catalonia offers a wide range of biking experiences throughout Catalunya, one of Spain’s most beautiful regions. Whether you’re looking for a gentle family ride along the Mediterranean coast or an epic adventure through the Pyrenees mountains, Cycle Tours Catalonia will take you there!

Bike & The Like

Bike & The Like specializes in cycling trips throughout Central and Eastern Europe. From exploring Slovenian wine country to navigating mysterious Transylvania, they offer some truly unique experiences away from the beaten path. Also, their guides are some of the best in the business – knowledgeable, friendly and always ready to provide helpful advice.

Ciclismo Classico

Ciclismo Classico is all about authentic cycling experiences in some of Europe’s most stunning destinations. From classic tours through Tuscany and Provence to more exotic trips like Morocco, Ciclismo Classico strives to capture the essence of each region it visits. Additionally, they offer custom-tailored trips if you want to create your own unique cycling adventure!


Butterfield offers small-group guided biking tours throughout Europe. Their routes are designed for riders of all levels, with plenty of optional challenges for more experienced cyclists. They also provide bike rentals, transfers, accommodation and restaurant reservations as part of their comprehensive packages. Moreover, Butterfield specializes in custom-built itineraries for groups.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure-filled road trip or a leisurely countryside ride, there’s a tour out there that’s perfect for you.

Bottom Line

Europe is an incredible destination for biking adventures, offering a range of landscapes and experiences. From the winding roads of Tuscany to remote mountain passes in the Balkans – there’s something out there for everyone! With so many great cycling tour operators to choose from, it’s easy to find a journey that suits your style, skill level and budget. So grab your bike and get ready to explore Europe – on two wheels!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.