Best cities to study in Europe

Best cities to study in Europe

European cities are popular destinations for students from other continents. Choosing the best city for academics is not easy. Read Here!

Cities to study in Europe

When choosing a city to study in Europe, it is crucial to consider various factors, such as the quality of programs, career prospects, the cost of living, and entertainment. If you are looking for the best European city to live in and study, make sure you read this article thoroughly. Read on!


Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and a growing student center. The Erasmus University of Rotterdam is one of the three most prominent universities and shows consistently high results in international rankings.

The Faculty of Medicine and the School of Management are especially famous, so young people from all over the world come to Rotterdam to get a quality education. It is worth noting that at Dutch universities, students are expected not only by a multinational environment but also by an academic load.

Unlike Amsterdam with its gingerbread houses, Rotterdam is modern, dynamic, and less crowded. The city actively supports innovations and environmental initiatives and holds international sports competitions.


A high standard of living, magnificent architecture and many cultural events make Vienna a livable city for studying and living. The city has 150 thousand students, 80% of whom seek academics at the prestigious University of Vienna.

In addition, several art schools, veterinary, and medical universities are located in Vienna. The city of Mozart will especially appeal to musicians and students of creative specialties. The streets of Vienna are steeped in culture, music, and history.

Besides, imperial palaces, museums, and galleries amaze the imagination and inspire originality. Nevertheless, knowledge of German is helpful for life in Vienna because the language plays a significant role when looking for a job. Living expenses are comparable to Scandinavian countries, but low university fees and student discounts are enormous.


Higher education in the Czech Republic is not much different from other countries in Europe. However, you can study for free and receive a scholarship, and the quality of the courses depends mainly on the teacher.

However, Prague outperforms its eastern neighbors regarding wages, quality of life, and job prospects. The moderate cost of hostels, plenty of entertainment, convenient transportation, and location in the center of Europe make the life of students in Prague enjoyable.

Although there are few universities with an international name in the country, there will be no problems with employment in the Czech Republic: global companies are actively moving to Prague and recruiting promising employees among graduates.


The urban rhythms of Berlin are an excellent alternative to the measured life of the Mediterranean coast. The capital of Germany is a recognized center of independent art, a startup hub, and a cultural highlight of Europe. Everyone will find entertainment to their liking in this city, including exhibitions, festivals, concerts, and clubs for every taste and budget.

Berlin has a vast number of study programs from undergraduate to doctoral studies. Education at public universities is free, and employers highly value a degree throughout Europe. At the same time, more than 10% of the inhabitants are foreigners.

Several universities are even among the 100 most international in the world: the Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University, and the Technical University of Berlin. With the growing number of students, finding cheap housing becomes challenging. Despite this, students are attracted by numerous discounts and convenient public transport.


Barcelona is the most popular tourist destination in Spain. However, it is also great for education. There are international business schools, ESADE, IESE, EADA, and classical universities in Barcelona, including the University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University, which gladly accept foreigners.

In addition, the city combines all the advantages of a resort and a cultural center: it pleases with the sun and beautiful nature, fascinates with architecture, surprises with delectable cuisine and nightlife.

Swim in the sea or climb the mountains between sessions, a study in the park, or dance on the beach until the morning. Barcelona is a perfect place for students who want to get the most out of their academic and extracurricular activities.

Final Words

Everyone thinks of Oxford, the world-famous university in England, regarding education. However, England is not the best place to live in Europe for students. For example, London is more expensive than many other European cities. That’s why we have chosen the best cities for students to live in, study in prestigious universities, and seek employment opportunities. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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