Top 10 tech companies in the Netherlands

Top 10 tech companies in the Netherlands

What are the top ten technology companies in the Netherlands? What makes them stand out from the rest? Here is what you need to know!

Top 10 tech companies in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has become a prominent information technology and communication technology (ICT) hub in Europe with an increasing number of tech companies. The country has more than 76,000 companies in the technology service sector. The number of companies will increase between 2022 and 2032, streamlining the Netherlands’ economy. Here are the top ten Dutch tech companies. Read on!

1. Triazine Software Pvt. Ltd.

Triazine Software Pvt Ltd is a level-3 organization with years of experience developing web and mobile applications for businesses in various sectors. The company has provided innovative solutions to fortune 500 companies, small-medium enterprises, and startups worldwide.

2. Protons Hub Technologies

Protons Hub Technologies offer custom software and mobile application to businesses in the Netherlands. For instance, quality management systems are the top solutions provided by this company, ensuring a sophisticated approach for businesses to streamline their productivity and ROIs.

3. Techno Grips Technologies

Techno Grips Technologies offers digital IT solutions to businesses in the Netherlands, USA, and India. The company was founded in 2010, and since then, it has supported clients to achieve accurate digital transformations. The company provides ongoing tech solutions to over 100 clients, including small-medium enterprises and giant corporations.

4. Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions is a Dutch-based cloud company with more than ten years of experience. The company has expanded its business operations to the USA, Belgium, Poland, Macedonia, and Ukraine.

It offers businesses agile transformation processes and strategies to streamline their technological methodologies and functions, including departmental development, customer retention, and ROIs.

5. Global Brain Force

Global Brain Force is a Dutch-based software, web, and mobile app development company offering expertise in customizable and scalable software outsourcing solutions to help businesses achieve efficiency and faster growth.

Global Brain Force has years of experience providing holistic solutions, such as custom development services to healthcare, IT, research, food and beverage, and car manufacturing companies.

6. Attract Group

Attract Group is a famous Dutch company with experienced IT professionals, providing state-of-the-art web, mobile, and hybrid software solutions. At the same time, Attract Group helps businesses, including startups, develop IT infrastructures and improve their operations.

7. First Line Software

First Line Software offers cutting-edge software engineering, development, enablement, and deployment services. The company’s digital transformation services have clients across Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. First Line Software implements agile techniques to deliver complex projects in web content management, retail digitalization, and healthcare technologies.

8. Lizard Global

Lizard Global provides digital solutions to hundreds of companies worldwide. Although Lizard Global is a small tech company with no more than 35 employees, it has gained popularity for its cutting-edge web and mobile application development and UI/UX designs.

9. Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc. empowers and improves the lives of millions of people via its sophisticated technology solutions. The company makes substantial efforts to provide innovative solutions for businesses to build brand reputation and take their companies’ operations to the next level.

10. Heilberg IT Solutions

Heilberg IT solutions offer software development, web design, agile infrastructure, and cloud computing services to young technology companies. The company bridges the gap between businesses’ financial, technological, and operational strategies via state-of-the-art desktop, mobile, web, UI, UX, design, and development methodologies.

Final Words

The Netherlands is not only famous for entrepreneurial ecosystems but also has hundreds of technology companies with successful products and services, adding significantly to the Dutch economy. These top ten tech companies are scaling their operations to the new markets, allowing young companies to inspire and innovate.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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