Top 10 Startups in the Netherlands

Top 10 Startups in the Netherlands

What are the best startup companies in the Netherlands? Check out this post to get the list and know the reason behind their success. Read Here!

Top 10 Startups in the Netherlands

Research shows that the Netherland is the fourth best country for startups in Europe. The country’s capital Amsterdam has a state-of-the-art ecosystem for startup companies. In addition, the Dutch government has a solid commitment to supporting new companies. So this makes Netherland an ideal choice for starting, running, and establishing a profitable startup. Here are the top startup companies in Netherland. Read on!

1. Invert Robotics

Invert Robotics, founded in 2011, provides automation services and solutions to various industries, including robotic inspection solutions for petroleum industries. Invert Robotics raised more than 15 million dollars in 2019. The company scaled and expanded its business operations to Dublin in 2021.

2. BTC Direct

BTC Direct is a cryptocurrency startup that allows people to convert their money to Bitcoin. The company launched its services in 2013, and it has raised more than 13 million euros in funding. BTC Direct is a widely used platform for people in Europe to convert euros into bitcoin.

3. Nutrileads

Nutrileads is a unique startup in Netherland that develops healthy ingredients for crops with improved benefits for consumer groups. The startup has been in the business for more than nine years. It has raised more than 6.5 million euros in funding.

4. Vandersat

Vandersat is another startup company that works for the betterment of climate and weather. The platform developed by Vandersat detects climate change in various ecosystems, including water. It also analyzes temperature levels using global satellite technology. The company, founded in 2015, also supports multiple humanitarian programs on a global scale.

5. Leyden Labs

Leyden Labs is a biotechnology company that develops innovative products for respiratory health conditions, including Covid-19. Its products can protect people from the novel coronavirus and its variants. Leyden Labs has raised more than 40 million euros in funding, creating innovative medical solutions to stop microbes before they reach or damage the lungs.

6. Growth Tribe

Growth Tribe has raised more than three million euros of series A funding between 2020 and 2021. The company offers a digital learning platform, allowing people to learn IT courses and improve their digital skills. For instance, you can subscribe to UX design, data analytics, and marketing courses on Growth Tribe.

7. Sensara

Sensara, founded in 2011, has combined technology and healthcare. The company has created sensor technology to streamline caring for home residents, allowing them to receive evidence-based and optimal care. Sensara synchronizes with your smartphone app and ensures you monitor your loved one’s health. The Rotterdam-based startup raised more than 4.4 million euros between 2019 and 2020.

8. Sketch

The sketch is a digital design tool allowing companies to improve interface space and user experience. The startup has been in the business for more than eleven years and has gained popularity as a digital design application. The company raised over 20 million dollars in Series A investment. Sketch is a growing startup and aims to scale its business operations.

9. Channel Engine

Channel Engine is a SaaS platform that helps retailers automate their sales operations. For instance, you can use Channel Engine to automate sales via online eCommerce marketplaces if you are a retailer. Channel Engine, founded in 2015, raised more than 5.5 million euros in Series A investments.

10. Cyto Smart

Cyto Smart develops smart devices and solutions for businesses, including laboratories, to streamline research in stem cells, oncology, cancer treatment, drug discovery, and personalized medicine. The Dutch company has quickly gained popularity among the scientific communities, and it has raised more than 5.2 million euros in Series B funds/investments.

Final Words

The Netherland is an open economy in the world and one of the best countries for innovation, technology, and startup development. The country offers an excellent business structure for startups and has a competitive environment for companies. If you want to run a startup in Netherland, you can leverage the well-educated and experienced workforce to achieve your goals.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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