How to Make Bacalao Al Pil Pil – Basque-Style Fried Codfish

How to Make Bacalao Al Pil Pil – Basque-Style Fried Codfish

Bacalao Al Pil-Pil is a Basque-style fried codfish famous all over Spain. It contains salt cod, olive oil, garlic, and other ingredients. The best thing about this dish is its emulsification in the pil-pil sauce. Here is the list of ingredients and instructions to make Bacalao Al Pil-Pil. Read on!


  • Two pounds of salt cod
  • Six cloves of garlic
  • One cup or three tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil
  • One hot pepper
    • Cayenne pepper
    • Or Jalapeno pepper


  1. Cut the cod into smaller pieces
  2. Wash and rinse the cod pieces with cold water
  3. Add the chunks/pieces to a glass baking dish
  4. Add water to the dish to cover the fish
  5. Cover the dish and wrap it in plastic
  6. Place the dish in the refrigerator
  7. Change water three times over the next 24 hours
  8. Use paper towels to pat dry the cod
  9. Cut the cod into large pieces
  10. Now slice the garlic cloves
  11. Use a casserole dish and pour a few tablespoons of olive oil
  12. Heat the olive oil on a medium-low heat
  13. Sauté the garlic until it is brown
  14. Remove garlic and set aside
  15. Now reduce the heat to ensure the oil becomes lukewarm
  16. Add the cod and provide the skin side is up
  17. Stir the oil slowly
  18. Drizzle the rest of the extra-virgin olive oil and continue to stir for 15 minutes
  19. Place the garlic and pepper on top of the juicy fish
  20. Cool for five minutes to thicken the pil-pil sauce
  21. Serve the delicious Bacalao Al Pil-Pil