How to Make Lokum: Yummy Jellies - Turkish delight candy

How to Make Lokum: Yummy Jellies – Turkish delight candy

Lokum, also known as yummy jellies and Turkish delight candy, has a gummy texture and a soft squishy appearance. It contains powdered sugar and pistachios, making the yummy jellies delicious. Let us give you the list of ingredients and instructions to make Lokum. Read on!


  • Four cups of sugar–granulated
  • Four cups of water
  • Three tablespoons of lemon juice
  • One or two cups of cornstarch
  • One teaspoon of tartar cream
  • Two tablespoons of rosewater
  • One or two teaspoons of raspberry extract
  • A half teaspoon of salt
  • One or two teaspoons of orange extract
  • ¼ cup of pistachios – chopped
  • One cup of sugar–powdered
  • Four to six drops of red food coloring


  1. Set two large 4-6 quart pots on the stove
  2. Attach a thermometer to the stock pot
  3. Now, set out a baking dish
  4. Use a foil for lining
  5. Now spray it with nonstick cooking spray and set aside
  6. Add one or two cups of water and four cups of sugar to the pot
  7. Set on high heat and boil until the sugar syrup temperature is 240 degrees Fahrenheit
  8. Add the remaining water to the second pot
  9. Whisk together cornstarch, lemon juice, and tartar cream
  10. Ensure there are no clumps
  11. Next, set the heat on high and continue mixing to create a thick paste
  12. After the sugar syrup has reached a high temperature, pour it into the cornstarch paste
  13. Again, ensure there are no clumps
  14. Decrease the heat to medium and simmer for 40 minutes
  15. Continue stirring until the mixture is thick orange-golden jelly
  16. Now, turn off the heat and add rosewater, orange extract, raspberry extract, and salt
  17. Add food color based on your needs
  18. Next, pour 50% of the mixture into the baking dish
  19. Use chopped pistachios for sprinkling
  20. Pour the remaining mixture over the top
  21. Place the Turkish delight in the fridge and let it cool for one hour
  22. Once the dish has firmed, take the Turkish jellies or delight out
  23. Peel off the foil and cut the candy into 100 squares with a knife
  24. Add sugar to an empty baking dish and add the candy pieces to the powdered sugar
  25. Ensure you coat the candy pieces in powdered sugar on all sides
  26. Set aside and let them soften at a room temperature
  27. Eat the sweet and delicious Turkish delight candies or jellies